o + Shirtless Hoya: Requested by Gyuzizis (for my benefit)


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  • dad: *walks into room*
  • dad: ..why are you crying
  • me: watching my sisters keeper
  • *nejis voice from my computer*: "because .. i was called a genius"
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what happened in roughly 1870 though

why was there temporary internet

with a few people searching for pokemon?

It’s a search of Google books, but the question still stands, what the Fuck happened in 1870


In the Cornish dialect of English, Pokemon meant ‘clumsy’ (pure coincidence).

In the mid 1800s there was a surge of writing about the Cornish language and dialect in an attempt to preserve them with glossaries and dictionaries being written. I wrote about it HERE.

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i’m sorry i didn’t realize we still live in the stone ages

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is this the new naruto movie

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i don’t understand why bts gotta go to LA to learn about hip hop when the godfather of rap, choi minho, is in South Korea?

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[mulder voice] that’s why they put the bi in fbi

#txf    #i'm about it   
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Me: fun and chill, also relatable
you: James from twin peaks

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